Yoga For Kids

Summer is here, and your kids are on vacation.
They play at home all day long, they leave empty snack wraps all around, they throw dirty laundry all around the laundry basket…

and the worst thing!

they remind you 1 gazzilion times that they. are. bored!

Even if they do manage to 
entertain themselves, eventually they get bored, 
and come back to you!

But, worry no more!
because today I’m gonna share with you yoga tips & tricks that’ll keep your kids entertained for looooooong 🙂

Yoga Tricks For Kids

  1. The first trick I love is to add funny sounds & moves to the yoga poses we preform together
  2. Tip #2 is to challenge them with balancing & flexibility poses
  3. Give them tasks to create their own yoga flows from the poses you’ve learned and lead a class

I have those tricks & more in the video below

My fellow parents, just remember –
keep your kids occupied with yoga and your summer will be a lot better!


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