become the best version of yourself, using your body's secret peak state button...

...that allows you to fight stress, find your balance, and take back control over your health, happiness and sanity.

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Get this full mind-body-spirit Yoga Maintenance Kit...

...that will help you recharge and get back in-tune every time you need it...

(so you can keep up with life, and take over the world)

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Answer this one question honestly:

Do You Feel Like there's something that's holding you back from living your best life?

Do you feel like...

  • You're stuck and out of tune, and like your life just doesn't fall into place
  • You're always stressed-out and have to deal with regular anxiety or panic attacks
  • You're totally unmotivated to go after your dreams

But the thing is that deep down...

  • You know you have what it takes to live a great life...
  • You just need something that will help you RECHARGE every now and then, so you can claim your sanity back, and move on


If any of those sound familiar....

You're in the


And here's why:

Our modern-day, infant SCIENCE is just now starting to discover what the ancient Indians have known for thousands of years:

Your body has this secret button...

...That allows you to re-bounce, recharge, and find your balance when you go out of tune.

So basically...

you can always find your way back to being in peak state.

What we fondly like to call...


AKA: the best version of yourself. Ever.

What does it mean?

It means you'll always be at your absolute best:

Calm. Driven. Fearless.

At this state you're essentially unstoppable. 

We know!

Oh, and we haven't got to the best part yet!

Because in this peak state...

You feel like you can do


And guess what...?

When you're really at your absolute best...


All you need is a simple tune up is all the right places.

In the Wonder-Babe state you can do absolutely anything

So, how does it work?

This "secret button" hack is what the ancient, Ayurvedic Medicine likes to call -

"The Chakra System"

Think of it like your very-own, peak-state "inner remote control".

Once you'll learn how to use it...

...It helps you to balance out both your physical body and your emotions...

...and to make you feel absolutely

Happier, healthier and more centered and grounded than ever.

  • Your energy levels will fly out the wazoo
  • Your self-confidence will soar
  • Your intuition will become super-strong

You'll become Wonder-Babe!

the science

what are Chakras, exactly?

Your "Chakras" are small energy centers located at different areas in your body.

You have A TON of these, but only 7 main ones, as you can see below: 👇

Think of them like tiny doors, that keep a healthy energy flow in-and-out of your body.

They clean and filter bad energy from the outside-world...

...And only let fresh and positive energy in, into your body.

why is that important?

Because energy affects everything about your life.

This is not some made up, "woo-woo" stuff. It's science.

And that's why your Chakras play such a huge role in monitoring your overall state, well-being and performance:

Their job is to keep you balanced

And when you're balanced -
you're happy, healthy, and are at peak state.

the problem is...

That the "outside world" if filled with toxic energy:

Whether it's...

  • Air-pollution
  • Bad, chemical-infused food they sell you at the store
  • And even other people's bad emotions and vibes!

Each one of those can easily throw your Chakras off balance, or even to get them completely clogged!

For example:

Did you ever talk to a cranky or upset person...

...only to feel like YOU are all cranky and worked-up afterward…?

You know... something like this: 👇

Idan - How Chakras Work


That’s because your Chakras were not strong enough (AKA: balanced) to protect you from that person's energy.

Picking up that energy has infected you with that person's state.

And when your Chakras get blocked...

...Your physical and emotional balance goes to sh*t!

Leaving you feeling like A MESS.

You might feel it in different ways:

  • A physical illness, pain or discomfort
  • A complete emotional-wreck and like you're losing it over every little thing
  • Becoming mentally exhausted and unmotivated to do anything
  • Feeling empty, purpose-less or unfulfilled
  • and more...

You'll feel miserable, and like you're totally "not yourself"...

...And you won't even know what's wrong!

If that has ever happened to you...

Take a deep breath.

We got you.


A complete, chakra-balancing yoga system...

...To create a happier, calmer, and totally balanced new you!

Now, here's everything you need to know about this kit:

What is it this kit, exactly?

The Wonder-Babe Kit is a 360º Chakra tune-up kit, that will help you to balance-up and recharge every time you need it.

Think of it like a personal yoga maintenance-kit for your mind, body and spirit...

...that will help you to keep up with life, and stay on top of your game.

How does it work?

The kit is super simple.

It has 7 laser-focused YOGA flows that are especially designed to heal and balance each of your main 7 Chakras.

THE GOAL: To practically "force" your chakras to balance-up in a natural, healthy way... your inner-environment can stay balanced, and you can easily handle any of the stresses and strains the outside world throws your way!

The classes

CLASS #1: Fearless

Root Chakra Tune-Up

We'll balance your "Fearless Chakra" to helps you to get-rid of stress and anxiety... well as release other fears that are holding you back from living your best life.


To build your self-confidence, so you can spread your wings, try new things and make some dreams come true.

CLASS #2: The Emotional Rock

Sacral Chakra Tune-Up

This class is all about releasing some serious emotional baggage...

...So you can get off your emotional roller-coaster and stop feeling like you're PMSing the entire month (Nataliya, speaking from painful experience)

A quick tune-up to this chakra will also give your libido a serious kick...

...and will open up any creative blocks you might have in your life.


To get you into a harmonic feel-good flow, where you seriously feel ALIVE and like you're growing.

CLASS #3: The Go-Getter

Solar Plexus Chakra Tune-Up

If you have big dreams, and desire to change your life, but always end up binging on Netflix and making
no real progress

...It might mean your "Go Getter" chakra is blocked!

So -

In this class we'll charge you up with some fresh and juicy motivation and confidence that will get you off your butt...

...and into "make it happen" mode.


To charge-up your inner-drive, so you'll be motivated and inspired to un-stuck yourself from the place you've been glued to...

...and to make your dreams happen.

CLASS #4: The It-Girl

Heart Chakra Tune-Up

If you find yourself feeling lonely or like a total outsider all the time...

...It means your “it girl” chakra can be out of tune, pushing people away from you!

So I this class - We'll turbo-charge your natural charisma and "likability factor"...

...and get other people to attract to you like flies to a cake!


To get your Social and Romantic life on point.

CLASS #5: The Influencer

Throat Chakra Tune-Up

Do you feel like no-one is listening to you?

Are you awkward when you meet new people, and never really know what to say?

Or maybe you get totally paralyzed when you need to speak in front of an audience?

If so -

It might mean your “Influencer chakra” is a little rusty and un-balanced...

...making it hard for you to voice your thoughts the way you know you can.

So -

in this class we'll open up and recharge your "Influencer Chakra", that will help you to express yourself more clearly and with confidence.


To help you find your voice, and get you roaring with price like the lioness you really are!

CLASS #6: The Inner Compass

Third-Eye Chakra Tune-Up

If you constantly judge yourself, or tend to change your mind often about everything (because you're not sure what's right for you)...

...Then this class is exactly what you need.

In it - We'll tune-up your inner compass, helping you to become more in-touch with your natural, built-in intuition.


To help you figure out what's right for you (and what's not), and make way better decisions.

CLASS #7: The Zen

Crown Chakra Tune-Up

If you're always living in your head, and can't manage to relax or enjoy the moment...

...then this class is exactly what you need.

In it we'll help you to quiet your mind, find calmness and peace, as well as bump up your spontaneous levels and help you learn how to live in the moment.


To get you to enjoy the beautiful life you're creating for yourself.

Because there's more!

To make sure you get everything you need during your Wonder-Babe transformation...

...we're also adding in a super-cool BONUS PACKAGE!


The Superpower User Manual

The complete A-Z Chakra balancing guide for the non-woo-woo beginner.

Learn everything you need to know to keep you Chakras healthy and balanced...

...and yourself in Wonder-Babe mode 24/7, 365.


The Chakra Balancing Cheat-Sheet

A quick and effective "What's Wrong With my Chakra" Cheat-Sheet.

It helps you quickly diagnose which of your chakra is blocked or out of tune, so you can fix that sucker up (using the yoga classes that come with this kit)...

...and go on with your day feeling amazing.


A Magical 20 Minute balancing class for all your 7 chakras

A short and fun 20 minute class that helps balance all 7 chakras at one go. This one will make you feel amazing when you're short on time.


A Full, pampering 45 Minute balancing class for all your 7 chakras

A full, 45 minute class that's Perfect for one of "those days"... when you feel like you need some serious head-to-toe tune-up, all around.

The problems you can improve, or even fix, with the kit:

  • Constant stress and anxiety that makes you want to shoot somebody
  • Feeling exhausted and emotionally drained all the time, for no apparent reason
  • Feeling depressed, although your life is not at all bad (not to mention the guilt that comes with that)
  • Constantly worrying and living in your head, without being able to really enjoy beautiful moments.

And also:

  • Having zero motivation, inspiration or drive to achieve your goals
  • Constantly feeling "stuck", without knowing what''s wrong or how to un-glue yourself from where you are
  • Feeling lonely and like a total outsider, no matter where you go or who you hand out with
  • Feeling lost and purpose-less, and never really knowing whether you're really making the right decisions, or if you just totally screwed your life up

What you'll get:

  • Feeling balanced and happy as your natural, default state
  • Feeling relieved, and like you've shed that accumulated anger that's been building up inside of you and poisoning your soul
  • Finally getting un-stuck, and feeling like your life just flows and "works out"
  • Finally making the decisions that feel right, and that you just know are helping you build your dream life

And also:

  • Feeling genuinely optimistic and hopeful, sensing deep in your core that everything is going to be just fine
  • Being laser focused, and getting things done so fast... you'll swear you have 33 hours in a day.
  • Kicking-ass and feeling good about yourself because you know that yes - YOU ARE A BADASS!

Who is it for?

If you just know, deep in your core, that you can do better, and be better...

...but you just can't seem to understand what is it that's holding you back from becoming the person you know you can be....

...Then the Wonder-Babe Kit is exactly for you!

Who is it not for?

Those that are looking for a "quick fix".

Yes - in some areas you will feel an immediate improvement...

...but our goal here is to get you on a path, a process - where you keep improving every single day, rather than try and "fix you up" in a way that won't last.

So, tell us:

Are you ready to start your Wonder-Babe journey?

Ready to Join?

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  • Yes! I'm ready to start my Wonder-Boman transformation!
  • I'm ready to take control over my life, and to become the best "me" I can be!
  • I'm ready to let go of the stuff that's holding me back from living my best life!
  • I understand that there is no "magic bullet" and that I will only get the results I will work for!
  • I've read the details of this offer, and I feel like it's the right choice for me!

Limited Time Offer!

Get this full mind-body-spirit Yoga Maintenance Kit...

...that will help you recharge and get back in-tune every time you need it...

(so you can keep up with life, and take over the world)

Now for


For full 7 days.

After that, get a lifetime access to the kit for 70% OFF!

Only one payment of $97 $27.

( NO Monthly Fees!!! )

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What do other people have to say about Idan's methods?

Here's what the awesome members in our community have to say about Idan's methods:

What Do our Customers Say About This Kit?

And there's more...

Also -

We sent our amazing Wonder-Woman customers some questions, so we can learn more about how our favorite people are feeling after getting the Wonder-Woman Kit.

Here's what they had to say:

Question: How do you feel after using the kit?

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Some love notes we got from our customers ♡

questions you might have

Is it only for women?

No way. This kit is amazing for men as well, and a few of our most raving customers are men!

Here’s a comment from one of our favorite dude-yogibabes:

Is it a one time payment, or a monthly subscription?

The kit is a one time investment, and then it’s yours for life.

Plus – You’ll get all the upgrades and bonuses we’re constantly adding to it completely FREE!

Do you ship this kit to...... ?

Forget about shipping!

The kit is 100% digital, allowing you to access and start using it NOW, from anywhere in the world.

I'm a yoga newbie... Will it work for me?

Totally. You don’t need to be a yogi-master, super-flexible or have any strength to get started.

The classes are in video form, letting you know exactly what to do every single step of the way.

P.S –

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any crazy things like stand on your head or fold into 3. The yoga classes are simple and anyone can do them!

How do I access the kit?

Once you’ll sign up you’ll get an email with a username and a password to our secret, members-only membership website.

Your kit will wait for you there, ready to go.

How long will I have access to this kit?

This kit is yours, and we’ll never revoke your access.

What will I do if i have questions, or need support?

Idan and I are always available to you in the email:

So whenever you have a question, a concern, or just wanna drop a line and say ‘hi’ –
write to us and we’ll get back in touch asap.

How does the payment work?

The kit goes for $1 trial for 7 days, and once the 7 days are up – $27 for a lifetime access to the kit, and all the extra stuff added to it in the future.

Painfully under-priced. We know.

Ready to check it out?

Limited Time Offer!

Get this full mind-body-spirit Yoga Maintenance Kit...

...that will help you recharge and get back in-tune every time you need it...

(so you can keep up with life, and take over the world)

Now for


For full 7 days.

After that, get a lifetime access to the kit for 70% OFF!

Only one payment of $97 $27.

( NO Monthly Fees!!! )

See you inside!

- xoxo,

Idan and Nataliya