Hi, Yogibabe!

We're Idan and Nataliya 

We went from feeling exhausted, burned-out and depressed... 

...to feeling energized, empowered and excited about life again.

All thanks to yoga.

Never, in a million years, would we have guessed that this one, simple practice can make such an impact on our lives.

Click 'Play' on this hilarious video below to see how our crazy story unfolded:


What is a Yogibabe?

 Yogibabe is a mentality you choose to embrace and step into.

It’s your best-self, high-vibed alter-ego...

... that symbolizes your commitment to the journey of growing into the best 'you' possible.

We promise you, it's not half as hard or complicated as you might think.

All it takes it to start with a 10 minute daily yoga practice, and we'll take it from there.