If you're Sick of Wasting Your Days Feeling Stressed-Out, Depressed And Unmotivated all the time...

...We might have the answer you were looking for.

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Discover the Weird, Ancient Secret...

...that can make you darn-right


Calmer, Happier, and more ALIVE
than ever before!

Calmer, Happier, and more ALIVE than ever before!

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Let's face it:

life can get too much, sometimes.

Our culture has become impossibly stressful, demanding, and restless...

...And unless you'll learn how to take care of yourself - to stay balanced and prioritize self-care...

... You'll end up burning out.

Burn Out (noun | Burn·Out) -
A state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. ... Eventually, you may feel like you have nothing more to give.

It might feel like...

  • You're always stressed-out and anxious... Always in a hurry to be more, do more, achieve more... You snap easily, and have to deal with regular panic attacks.
  • You're totally depressed and exhausted... And your once-exciting life seems soooo hard, and completely out of your control
  • You're uninspired and unmotivated... And feel like your dreams and the things that used to drive you are pointless, or completely out of your reach.
  • You don't know what you want anymore... And feel torn, stuck, and off balance in every way.
  • You're starting to develop pains and health issues... That you've never experienced before

feeling this way is NOT your fault

We live in such a busy, fast-paced, and demanding world...

...where a crazy, 24/7, no-days-off, rise-and-grind schedule has become a badge of honor!

Everywhere you turn, it feels like someone is telling you to push even harder...

...and those around you are actually applauded for sacrificing their physical, emotional and mental health!

Seems completely insane when you put it this way, ain't it?

this hectic, demanding, 24-7-hustle culture will

suck. you. dry.

Leaving you Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally... exhausted and drained.


And the funny thing is that if you'll give in to the 24/7 hustle culture...'ll actually end up behind.

Because when you're overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and lose your sh*t over every little thing... can't really do anything, or be anything to anyone.

It's physically impossible to be at your best.

So instead, there you are. Fading away...

...Wasting the precious days you were given on this planet... as a small, snappy and unstable sub-version of who you can really be.

Isn't that a shame...?

If any of those sound familiar....

...the might be the most important gift you can give yourself... take back control over your life.

How? Keep reading.

not so long ago... We were totally miserable

We were married to our careers, hustling 24/7 in peruse "success"...

...because we thought money, power and public recognition were the things that will solve all of our problems, and make us happy.

Needless to say... They didn't.

We had no time for ourselves, or for each other...

...and eventually worked ourselves into burnout and exhaustion.

We were stressed-out of our minds. Out of shape. And totally lifeless and depressed.

It felt like we were living in this never-ending rat-race that made us totally miserable...

...and had no idea how to get of that hamster-wheel-thingy, and escape it all.

Things got so bad that at some point even simple things...

(like getting out of bed in the morning, and starting the day)

...became too much to bear.

One day,

we had enough

We realized that if we continue on this path...

...we'll end up old, bitter and miserable for the rest of our lives.

No way, Jose.

But how do you even begin
"changing your life"...?

Realizing that extreme measures were required to get out of the hole we've dug ourselves into...

..We decided to do something completely


We packed our bags,
leaving everything behind...

...And flew all the way to

INDIA try and find some peace,
and figure out how to turn this hard, stressful and mess of a life...

...into something wonderful.

In India...

we discovered a long lost,
ancient secret

..That changed everything for us :

We started to feel better than we've had in YEARS:

Stronger, more balanced, and totally inspired to take back control over our lives:

Our Health, Happiness, and even Hotness... 

We started smiling again, and never felt better

This secret just made us feel that much BETTER!

Wanna know what was our secret?

We discovered a very old and powerful practice...

...that the ancient Indians used in order to make themselves feel strong, healthy and oozing with energy...

...No matter what challenges and chaos life throws their way.

Here's how it works:

Our modern-day, infant SCIENCE is just now starting to discover what the ancient Indians have known for thousands of years:

Our body has this secret battery...

...That allows you to recharge and feel good again whenever all hell breaks lose, and you get thrown off balance.


think of it like your own, personal,

power source

...That recharges you with fresh, positive energy whenever life becomes too much to handle...

...and you feel like you're about to lose it.

now, here's the key:

Once you'll learn how to USE this secret battery...

(This super-power ability to recharge and regain your strength and motivation every time you need to)

...You'll be able to keep kicking ass in your everyday life...

...without getting thrown off balance or feeling empty and exhausted!

Just imagine being able to...

Survive slay your day...

...without being affected or thrown off course by all the chaos around you!

How much more...

  • Productive
  • Optimistic
  • Happy
  • Motivated
  • Healthy
  • Hot
  • Empowerd

...And freakin' BADASS could you be?!


how can you charge, and use, this battery?

Luckily -

The ancient, sacred, Indian books - the Vedas - who are dated back almost 4000 years ago...

...gave us the answer we were looking for:

The Ancient, Indian, "Vedas". Dated back almost 4000 years ago

They told us about an ancient practice...

...that can recharge your battery, calm your mind, and restore your balance whenever you need to... you can feel good again, and continue to take on the world.


Idan and I like to call it...



...Because it helped us become happier, healthier and more balanced than ever.


Don't, for a second, think of this practice like the pretzel-like, "show-off yoga" you see on Facebook or Instagram...

...where professional athletes perform unrealistic, difficult exercises that you never have to master.

This is totally different.

Instead... Think of this practice like your personal re-charging time.

Time you use to:

  • Fight off stress,
  • Restore your balance,
  • Quiet your mind,
  • and even re-ignite your motivational flame, that lights up your passion and excitement for life

Done right, this practice will help you FEEL, and PERFORM, at your absolute BEST...

All. The. Time.


What we like to call...

Your Wonder-Babe state.

AKA: Being the the best version of yourself. Every single day.

What does it mean?

It means you'll always be in PEAK STATE :

Calm, driven, and fearless.

You will be unstoppable, and able to push through challenges...

...that other, "regular people"...

...think are impossible to deal with.

This secret weapon, Self-Care Yoga, can make you better at playing the game of life!


So, tell me...

Are you ready to pull yourself together, feel better, and grab life by the nuts?

Because if you do... we can help.


A one of a kind library of Yogi ...

...that will help you recharge, restore your balance, and Reclaim CONTROL Over Your Life

So, What is the ?

You can think of the Ashram kinda like your very own, personal NETFLIX... 

...for self-care and personal-growth yoga programs.

The difference is that instead of wasting your precious binging on tv shows and feeling like crap...

...You are investing time in yourself:

Raising your VIBE and making your life better… every time you log in!

Inside the Ashram...

You'll find the our incredible YOGA BUNDLES:

A collection of feel-good, better-life yoga programs that will help you kickstart your brand new life.

Our bundles are uniquely crafted, fun, and simple.

Their only goal: to make you feel better:

To relax, recharge and fill up with energy, focus and drive that will help you to push through life's most challenging days and moments.

So whether you need help dealing with...

  • Stress, anxiety and regular panic attacks
  • Depression and the feeling of being stuck and off balance in every way
  • Lack of motivation ,drive and purpose

Or even with day-to-day stuff, like:

  • Waking up better, and filled with energy and excitement
  • Sleep better through the night
  • Or being able to focus and slay your day

...All you gotta do is dive in, take a class...

...and immediately feel better.

What kind of bundles can you find inside?

Here are a few of the programs you can find inside the Ashram right now:

the emotional balance bundle

This bundle will help you get of the emotional roller coaster, and bring you back to your natural, happy balance... releasing suppressed and negative emotions that are holding you back from feeling at your best.

So- if your emotions are all over the place, and you sometimes feel like you're PMSing the entire month.. than this bundle is exactly what you need.

the motivation boost bundle

In this bundle we'll focus on increasing your will power, your drive and your motivation levels.

So if you're the kind of person who has big dreams, and a will to change your life once and for all, but you lack the energy and drive to move towards them...

than this bundle is exactly what you need!

"Instant Zen" bundle

In this bundle we'll teach you an ancient, forgotten yogi secret that will help you instantly relax, re-focus and get into a high vibe state - no matter what happens around you, or what kind of disaster you're dealing with!

This bundle will help you get out of any panicked, stressed out or vegetative self-talk  and help you get into a calm, more focused and in control new you.. in less than 10 minutes!

"forever young" bundle

If you feel your body starting to get stiff and sore after a few hours of sitting at your desk, or if you're constantly having daily pains (like back pain, neck pain, join pain or muscle tension and stiffness) ...

...than this bundle is exactly what you need!

This bundle will help you keep your body young, fresh and completely pain free... forever!

"relax and destress" bundle

If you came back from work feeling stressed and like you're might hurt someone... than this bundle is for you!

Inside - Idan will walk you through 3 different classes that will make you feel incredibly relaxed and stress free.. so you can feel good again and be there for those who need you most.


A brand NEW bundle is added to your collection...

Every. single. month!

(VALUE: $97 FREE!)

So basically -

Your "better-me", feel-good library will keep growing and growing and growing...

... As you grow with it!

But that's not all...

We get that you might be a complete yoga beginner...

(with zero strength and flexibility)

... Or that you're a formal yoga-lover who needs help to get back on the mat after a while apart.

So especially for you, we've added the ultimate bonus program:



go from clueless to yogi in 7 days

(VALUE: $97 FREE!)

A unique, one-of-a-kind program, that will guide you through a gentle intro (or re-entry) to yoga.

It's perfect for yoga newbies...

Because it takes the edge off, and relaxes the fear of getting started with a clear and simple, step-by-step process.

This program will gradually build your strength, develop your flexibility, and calm your mind...

...and, once completed, make a  true Yogibabe out of you!

And for those who want to get back on the mat
(after a long time apart)

This program will definitely remind you of all the reasons why you fell in-love with yoga, and help you to get back in the groove of a regular practice.

because there's more!

Idan and I don't mess around.

We're dead serious when we say that we want the ASHRAM to become your go-to place for feeling amazing... matter what craziness is going on in your life right now!

So... we've also added those rare bonuses:



Nail your yoga poses with our step-by-step yoga-pose library

(VALUE: $97 FREE!)

Our complete library of step-by-step guides to nailing your yoga poses!

Packed with fun, simple, and east-to-follow, step-by-step walk-throughs of every single yoga pose in the ASHRAM.

Go From zero... to gaining confidence and mastering (even) the most difficult poses!

If you're hesitant about your yoga poses, or can't seem to nail a certain, difficult, pose - this incredible library is for you.

Inside - Idan will walk you through, step-by-step, in mastering your yoga poses.

He will help you create simpler, custom, versions of every single yoga pose you ever had difficulty in...

...and help you build up from zero → to gaining confidence and mastering poses you never through you could do!



get ready for class without buying ridiculously expensive gear

(VALUE: $27 FREE!)

Are you new to yoga, and have absolutely none of that overpriced, fancy yoga gear?

No problem!

Our prop-box checklist will show you how to use everyday stuff you already have laying around the house as your personal, yoga props.


Ready to join the ASHRAM?


Limited time offer!

Join the Ashrams for


for full 7 days!

After that, lock in our special, beta discount, for 60% OFF...
For life!

Only $49 $19/month!

Painfully under-priced. We know.

we're here when you need us.

Anytime. Anywhere.

All the classes are open and waiting for in our online world.

Simply login to your account, and do your thing.

We're open 24/7.


perfect even for your busiest days

We have classes that are super effective, yet short enough to fit even your craziest schedules.

Everything is online, and no travel is required.


Simply find a quiet place: At home, at the office, or out in nature...

And we'll make you feel good again.

we make yoga and self-care fun and exciting

If you've followed us for a while...

...You probably know by now that "boring" is simply NOT a part of our vocabulary.

Our classes are fun and punchy, and will get you through them so fast...'ll actually look forward to taking them!


Here's what a few of our customers had to say about our fun factor:


You're just ONE CLASS away from
feeling better

* Based on real-life testimonials from our amazing customers

  • Feeling strong, empowered and able
  • Improve focus and clarity, and finally get rid of the brain fog
  • Feeling like your life flows and "works out"
  • Calm down and re-center, even during the most stressful situations

And also:

  • Increase your energy levels, focus and productivity
  • Kick ass in everything you do and in every goal you set
  • Feel happier and happier every single day

How much is it to get in the ASHRAM?

Look, we completely understand that we can easily charge $97/month for a membership to the ASHRAM.

WE KNOW, based on the life-changing feedback we got from our customers, that THE ASHRAM can help you change your life...

...and feel happier, more energized and more ALIVE than any:

  • "Shrink" you can go to for therapy,
  • Pills you can pop,
  • or any fancy and over-priced yoga-studio (that can NEVER match what we got here)


But since we don't have the expenses a fancy-shmancy yoga-studio has (like renting a huge space, air-conditioning, paying for staff etc) -

we can afford to offer a much better deal, and invite you to join the ASHRAM for only $49/month.

rare opportunity ahead!


The ASHRAM is currently rolling out it's very first, beta version...

Which gives you a rare opportunity to sneak in for a whopping 60% OFF discount...

...and get much more personal time with us!

For more deets - keep reading...

So here's the deal:

The ASHRAM is about to become our crown jewel, signature hub, and THE place to go online to feel better and kickass in life.

And even though we have countless feedbacks from over 1600 students who's lives have changed...

(you can see some of them at the bottom of the page)

...We still want to take this beta 1.0 version for a "test run".

That means...

We're offering a limited amount of seats to a selected few who will allow us to track their transformation personally...

...and improve the ASHRAM accordingly.


As a thank you for helping us make the ASHRAM better for you...

...We wanna give you a HUGE discount, by inviting you to join our group for a whopping 60% OFF the full, future price!

That means that once we raise our pricing soon, you won't have to pay even a dollar more!

So, tell me:

Are you ready to feel better, and transform into the best version of yourself, ever?

here's what you get:

  • Full ACCESS - To all the self-care classes in the Ashram, with brand-new self-care bundles added each month! (VALUE: PRICELESS!)
  • BONUS #1: Zero to yoga - Go from clueless to yogi in 7 days (VALUE: $97)
  • BONUS #2: The Pose Library - Nail Your Yoga Poses With Our Step-By-Step Yoga-Pose Library (VALUE: $97)
  • BONUS #3: The Yogi Toolbox - Get Ready For Class Without Buying Ridiculously Expensive Gear (VALUE: $27)
  • 24/7 ACCESS from anywhere in the world



Limited time offer!

Join the Ashrams for


for full 7 days!

After that, lock in our special, beta discount, for 60% OFF...
For life!

Only $49 $19/month!

Painfully under-priced. We know.


Need help?

Check out the FAQ section below, or contact us at

What do other people have to say about us?

Here's what the awesome members in our community have to say about Idan's methods:

What Do Our Customers Say About our classes?

And there's more...

We sent our amazing tribe of Yogibabe customers some questions... we can learn more about how our favorite people are feeling after taking our classes.

Here's what they had to say:

Question: How do you feel after our classes?

Question: Would you recommend Yogibabe to your BFF?

Question: What's your favorite part about Yogibabe?

Some love notes we got from our customers ♡

questions you might have

I'm a yoga newbie... can I do this?

Totally. You don't need to be a yogi-master, super-flexible or have any strength to get started.

And in fact... That's one of the main reasons we created 'Zero to Yoga' - a special program that will take you all the way from a yoga greeny.. to a confident yogi that can do anything.

'Zero to Yoga' is included, FREE, with your Yogibabe membership.

Remember: Every single Yogibabe out there had to start from somewhere... So just get in on the action and get going!

Do you ship this to...... ?

Forget about shipping! The kit is 100% digital, allowing you to access it from anywhere, and from any device, 24-7!

Is it a one time payment, or a monthly subscription?

The ASHRAM is a monthly membership.

We work real hard to keep the membership fee as low as possible, while still making sure we have the resources to update, grow and improve the club every single day.

Is it only for women?

Nop! Yogibabe does magic for men, too!

The reason we named it "Yogibabe" was to help out Nataliya's girlfriends...

...But apparently their boyfriends started to secretly use the kit as well!

Here's a comment from one of our favorite Yogi-Dudes:

How do I access the ASHRAM?

Once you'll sign up you'll get an email with a username and a password to our secret, members-only membership website.

Your kit will wait for you there, ready to go.

What if I'll have questions, or need help?

Idan and I are always available to you in the email:

So whenever you have a question, a concern, or just wanna drop a line and say 'hi' -
write to us and we'll get back in touch asap.

How does the payment work?

Membership in the ASHRAM is a monthly fee. After joining you'll get the option to get even more of a discount by joining in on the annual program.

Painfully under-priced. We know.

What happens if I'd want to cancel my subscription?

We'd rather see you try and Ashram out and them cancel... than not try it at all!

So if you'd ever want to cancel your subscription, you simply email us at our support email:, and we'll cancel your membership right away.

No hard feelings, and no un-approving faces.


Ready to join the ASHRAM?


Limited time offer!

Join the Ashrams for


for full 7 days!

After that, lock in our special, beta discount, for 60% OFF...
For life!

Only $49 $19/month!

Painfully under-priced. We know.

Have more questions, or need help?

Check out the FAQ section above, or contact us at


See you inside!

- xoxo,

Idan and Nataliya