Our Story


We're Idan and Nataliya

We travel the world, while sharing our crazy journey to create a life of balance and happiness.

But the truth is...

not so long ago... We were totally miserable

We were married to our careers, trying to find "success" -

because we thought money the thing that will solve all of our problems, and make us happy.

Needless to say... It didn't.

We had no time to take care of ourselves, or for each other,
and eventually worked ourselves into exhaustion.

We were stressed-out of our minds.
Out of shape.
And totally depressed.


It felt like we were living in a rat-race, and we had no idea how to get of that hamster-wheel-thingy, and escape it all.

At some point even simple things, like getting out of bed in the morning and starting the day, became too much to bear.

I mean, c'mmon!
What are we supposed to do?!

Get hooked on mood-elevating chemicals,
or pay some shrink thousands of dollars...

...just so we could survive this crazy life?!


so one day,

we had enough

We realized that if we continue on this path...

...we'll end up bitter and miserable for the rest of our lives.

No way, Jose.

So - we decided to STOP EVERYTHING, until we'll figure out how to turn this mess of a life into something wonderful.

But how...?

Realizing that extreme measures were required to get out of the hole we've dug for ourselves...

..We decided to do something completely CRAZY :

We packed our bags,
leaving everything else behind...

And flew all the way to

...to try and find some peace,
so we can figure out how to make our life work.

Escaped all the way to India to try and figure out how to make our life work

In India...

we discovered an ancient secret...

..That changed everything for us :

We immediately started to feel better :

Stronger, more balanced, and totally inspired to take back control over our own Health, Happiness, and Hotness...

What was our secret...?

A very ancient and powerful form of


...That helped us become happier, healthier and more balanced than ever.

It just made our lives that much BETTER.

Each of us gained expertise in different things:


Discovered that Yoga made him so darn happy... that he wanted nothing more than to teach it to as many people as he can.

Idan got certified as a yoga teacher

So - he got certified as a yoga teacher, and turned it into his mission to make yoga fun, simple and most of all - doable for the everyday, normal person.

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I discovered that yoga allowed me to finally get my depression and anxiety under control... and has awakened some bad-ass superpowers inside of me.

Powers I never even suspected existed.

So - I became obsessed with digging even deeper...

...studying advanced meditation, NLP and other personal-growth techniques, that are meant to help us unleash our secret, hidden potential.

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From then on...

we just kept on traveling

Exploring breathtaking countries and long-lost cultures around the world...

While making it our mission to spread our secret  to as many babes around the world whose potential is still hidden,

And to show them how to use this secret to Have, Do and Be...

..anything they want.

And now, babe... It's your turn:


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- xo, Idan & Nataliya.